America will stand with our friends Against Beijing’s belligerence — whether in South China Sea or the Himalayas: US

The United States once again affirmed that they stand strongly with India to battle China’s developing hostility and expansionist arrangements. “Regardless of whether in the South China Sea or the Himalayas, America will remain with its companions even with us, Donald trump, china, Pompeo,” tweeted the US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA).

Giving an announcement, David R. Stilwell, Assistant Secretary of Bureau Of East Asian And Pacific Affairs stated, “The United States is made plans to ensure our essential advantages and those of our partners and companions. We are building our military abilities. We are cautious. We are practicing and operate wherever international law allows.”

On the other hand, the US also mentioned how Ladakh’s Himalayas witnessed a violent faceoff along the LAC between Indian soldiers and the PLA. “When Beijing uses coercion, empty promises, disinformation, contempt for rules, bad-faith diplomacy, and other underhanded tactics in the South China Sea, it is drawing on a playbook that it uses worldwide. We see it in the Himalayas, where Beijing recently took aggressive action on its frontiers with India,” said David R. Stilwell.

As per the latest talks between India and China, both countries have reaffirmed their agreement to ‘ensure complete disengagement of the troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC)‘.

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