Car bomb attack in northwestern Syria’s Azaz, 5 dead & 85 injured: Turkish state Media

A Car bomb attack in northwestern Syria’s Azaz area killed five people and injured 85 others, a neighborhood hospital in Syria and Turkish state media said on Sunday.Fifteen injured civilians who were in critical condition were brought across the Turkish border to the city of Kilis for medical treatment.

The bomb was placed in a Syrian National Army (SNA) vehicle that detonated in the Afrin district center, as per a security source who asked not to be named because of limitations on addressing the media.

Azaz has been heavily influenced by rebels upheld by Turkey since Ankara’s first invasion into Syria in 2016, in an activity that intended to drive away Islamic State militants and the Syrian Kurdish YPG volunteer army from its border with Syria.

Ankara regards the U.S.-backed YPG as a terrorist organisation. The operation ended in 2017.

Syria held a parliamentary election across government domain on Sunday. The nation is battling against a crumbling economy and new U.S. sanctions after President Bashar al-Assad ripped at back control of the majority of the nation.

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