Fire At Hydroelectric Plant In Telangana

According to initial reports, a short circuit at the underground hydroelectric power station situated at Srisailam’s dam left bank reportedly led to the fire.

Nine individuals are caught inside a hydroelectric plant in Telangana after a fire broke out at one of the forces to be reckoned with inside the plant before the end of last night.

Ten individuals have been saved from the Srisailam hydroelectric plant, which is close to Telangana’s fringe with Andhra Pradesh. The fire purportedly began at 10:30 PM.

As indicated by beginning reports, a short out at the underground hydroelectric force station arranged at Srisailam’s dam left bank apparently prompted the fire.

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A group of calamity reaction power, NDRF, is at present attempting to clear those caught inside. They are being helped by firefighters from Atmakur Fire Station from Kurnool locale.

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