Florida records more coronavirus cases than most nations around the globe?

What ought to be a blasting vacationer goal in the US during this season is currently loaded with coronavirus, overshadowing different states the nation over and even whole nations in certain measurements.

This is what the circumstance in Florida resembles:

Florida had more new cases in a single day than the whole US did in around two months. Florida announced its most noteworthy number of new COVID-19 cases in a single day – 15,300 on Saturday, as per information from Johns Hopkins University.

That is another record for the most new cases in a solitary day from any state – including New York state prior in the pandemic.

It took the whole United States 59 days to top 15,000 consolidated cases – from January 21 to March 20.

It additionally took the whole US over two months from the beginning of the flare-up to top 15,000 new cases in a solitary day.

That occurred on March 26, when the US had 18,036 new cases in a solitary day, as per Johns Hopkins information.

Florida has 12x the instances of Australia and South Korea consolidated

Australia and South Korea both have a bigger number of individuals than Florida, yet the two nations have seen only a small amount of the COVID-19 cases that Florida has.

Australia (populace 25 million) has had 9980 instances of COVID-19, as per information as of Monday from Johns Hopkins University.

South Korea (populace 51 million) has had 13,479 coronavirus cases as of Monday.

Florida (populace 21 million) has had 282,435 COVID-19 cases by Monday, as per Johns Hopkins.

As it were, Florida’s COVD-19 cases has topped Australia’s and South Korea’s consolidated – times 12.

Florida’s COVID-19 loss of life resembles 10 gigantic planes slamming

At any rate 4277 Floridians have kicked the bucket from COVID-19.

A Boeing 747 plane can convey around 400 travelers. That implies the coronavirus loss of life from Florida is about equivalent to if 10 kind sized planes smashed, executing everybody ready.

Florida has triple the quantity of China’s COVID-19 cases

A half year prior, the world idea this new coronavirus was contained to China – explicitly, the Wuhan region.

In any case, presently, the whole nation of China has short of what 33% the all out COVID-19 cases that Florida does, as indicated by Johns Hopkins information.

As of Monday, China had 85,117 complete cases since the pandemic began, contrasted with Florida’s 282,435.

Florida has outperformed Italy in COVID-19 cases, as well

Italy went under overall examination for its treatment of COVID-19 as the illness immediately spread crazy.

Be that as it may, after severe government orders, the nation has figured out how to subdue the infection and has to a great extent came back to ordinary.

As of Monday, Italy (populace 60 million) had 243,230 cases from all through the pandemic. Florida (populace 21 million) has just outperformed that number, at 282,435.

Florida’s loss of life, be that as it may, remains lower than Italy’s – 4,277 in Florida, contrasted with 34,954 in Italy.

Florida has more COVID-19 cases than most nations If Florida were a nation, it would rank number nine in the quantity of COVID-19 cases around the world, as indicated by Johns Hopkins information Monday.

Eight nations have higher checks than Florida: the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

What’s more, in excess of 100 nations have less COVID-19 cases than Florida, including France, Germany and Japan.

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