Governemnt warns to stop wearing valved N-95 masks: Here’s why

The warning has requested that the states prevent wrong utilization of N95 masks. The government said that the N95 masks with valves are detrimental to the measures embraced for preventing the spread of Covid-19. The ministry has prescribed the use of home-made protective cover described on the website of the ministry.

Wearing masks out in the public place is mandatory across India. The warning gave is just against the utilization of N95 covers with valves. The main role of a mask is to prevent an indicative or an asymptomatic person from spreading the virus when they either talk, breathe out or cough. A valve, however, enables the virus to leak through, along these lines spreading the virus.

On Monday, the Director General of Health Services (DGHS), in the ministry of health, composed a letter to states and union territories cautioning against the utilization of N-95 covers with valved respirators by people, saying these don’t keep the infection from spreading out and are “detrimental” to the measures embraced for its containment.

The letter said it has been seen that there is wrong use of N-95 masks, especially those with valved respirators, by the public other than assigned health workers.

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