PM Modi Addresses India Ideas Summit via video conferencing

PM Narendra Modi, while conveying the keynote address at the India Ideas Summit, said the “world is deprived for a superior future.” The virtual highest point is being facilitated by the US-India Business Council and this year points the 45th commemoration of the development of the board.

PM Modi said it is time that US-India organization assumes a significant job in helping the world ricochet back quicker after the pandemic.

The occasion is relied upon to have conversations on India-US collaboration and their relationship in a post-pandemic world. The topic during the current year’s India Ideas Summit is “Building a Better Future”, an announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.

Here are the top 5 statements from PM Modi’s Address at India Ideas Summit:

  • We all agree that the world is in need for a better future. And, it is all of us who have to collectively give shape to the future. I firmly believe that our approach to the future must primarily be a more human-centric one.
  • India is contributing towards a prosperous and resilient world through the clarion call of an “Atmanirbhar Bharat.” During the last six years, we have made many efforts to make our economy more open and reform-oriented. A recent report said for the first time ever in India, there are more rural internet users than even urban internet users.
  • The rise of India means: a rise in trade opportunities with a nation that you can trust, a rise in global integration with increasing openness, a rise in your competitiveness with access to a market which offers scale.
  • Every year, we are reaching record highs in foreign direct investment (FDI). Each year is significantly higher than the earlier one. FDI inflows in India in 2019-20 were $74 billion. This is an increase of 20 percent from the year before that.
  • The US-India friendship has scaled many heights in the past. Now it is time our partnership plays an important role in helping the world bounce back faster after the pandemic. For this vision, there are few better partners than the US. India and the US are two vibrant democracies with shared values. We are natural partners.
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