Railways to run 80 new special trains from september 12: Here’s full list

Indian Railways will start running new special 80 trains from September 12. Reservation for these new trains will begin from September 10, This will run in addition to the 230 trains already in operation,” Railway board chairman and CEO VK Yadav said.

“Wherever there is demand for a particular train, wherever the waiting list is long, we will run a clone train ahead of the actual train, so that passengers can travel,” he added.

Yadav said the stoppages of the clone trains will be less than the special trains. “The idea is to have stoppages at major stations for clone trains to meet demands of people,” he said.

Yadav said the Railways will be monitoring all the trains that are currently in operation to determine which trains have long waiting list.

Yadav also said the Railways will run trains whenever there is demand from states for exams or other similar purposes.

Here’s the complete list of trains that will be in operation from September 12.

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